Thanks to our friends at Akasha Brewing here in Louisville you can once again Have a Fehr's XL on tap or in a growler to go. Soon to be in your favorite bar.

Fehr's XL


Frank Fehr was one of the first brewers to use the "new" adjunct style beers that quickly became popular in the US. He used 6 row barley from the upper midwest and about 30% rice for a lager with better flavor than beer made with local 2 row barley. Lagers made before prohibition had more hops added than lagers of today, as much as 2 to 6 times the amount of hops used today. Our pre-prohibition lager uses Cluster hops, some of the first hops to be commercially grown in the States and finishes with Hops from the Noble family, a centuries old hop at is just right for the clean fresh taste of Fehr's XL.

It's always Fehr weather!